Apps hosting, designed for developers

You only pay for apps resources. Starts from $1,25 / 128 MB RAM

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High-performance hosting

Fast CPUs, enterprise SSD storage, world-class datacenters and network.

Fast deployment

Deploy apps with one command «$ git push» or automatically from git repositories.

Git and Docker integration

Turn all of your git repositories into containers using our platform. Automatically build containers for every commit.

Deploy apps with one command: ‘git push lb’

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Deploy automatically from GitLab / GitHub / Bitbucket / Docker hub

Global deployment has never been easier

Your team does not have to worry about the deployment anymore. Focus on writing the code.

Build apps, not infrastructure


Intuitive interface

Launch apps. Enjoy automatic backup and monitoring. Scale apps easily. Get real-time notifications and much more - all with just a few clicks.


Built-in services

Built-in services: load balancer, service discovery, monitoring, notifications and logging.


Monitoring and logging

Last.Backend provides service activity and resource monitoring, logging and smart notifications system with #Slack integration.


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Cloud Platform Dashboard


Deployment Automation

Integration with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket allows any repository to be set up for auto-deployment after each commit.

Scaling Management

Scale your application both vertically and horizontally with just a couple of clicks.

Deploy Pre-built Applications

Skip the configuration. Get straight to deploying your apps by using one of our pre-built images supporting Node.js, Rails, Redis, MongoDB, and many more.

Monitoring and Logging

Last.Backend gives you logs and detailed performance metrics for every aspect of your apps, in real-time.

Powerful API

An intuitive API and command line toolkit allow you to quickly spin up and control your instances.


Easily manage access rights among your team members for both the apps and the underlying infrastructure.

Last.Backend is the fastest way for developers to deploy and scale apps in the cloud


No credit card required